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Quake Champions

Quake World Championship 2020 detailed

The competition will conclude during QuakeCon's 25th annual event this August.

During QuakeCon's first fully digital event, fans will be treated to the finals of the 2019 - 2020 Quake Pro League season. With Quakecon's schedule being revealed earlier in the week, we now know that the grand final will take place on August 9.

The competition is set to offer a $150,000 prize pool and will see 24 teams from across the globe compete for the entertainment of viewers.

Outside of the finals, this year looks to be stuffed full of noteworthy content for Bethesda fans. Panels are set to take place across the weekend and will feature notable personalities behind projects, such as DOOM Eternal and Fallout 76.

Will you be tuning into the grand finals?

Quake Champions




新聞. 作者為 Alicia Chang

《雷神之鎚:冠軍〈Quake Champions〉》對於 id Software 跟 Bethesda Softworks 來說是一個巨大的成功之作,但現在活躍玩家的數量準備要暴漲了,因為就在QuakeCon 2018 活動上的主題演講中宣布了一件好消息,那就是,《雷神之鎚:冠軍》 將成為永久免費遊戲。 這款作品最初就曾推出的免費遊玩的...